What’s it about?

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Murray Crescent is my art website and it is intended not only to showcase my own work, but to give a helping hand to those who are thinking about taking up painting, just starting out, or indeed are seasoned artists who want to get a bit more involved with like minded folk. The site will evolve as the need takes it, but for the time being, it will give you an insight into my own way of going about making original art. My painting does not conform to a particular approach, as I love the unpredictability. Some artists feel that they have to work towards a recognisable style and I have no problem with that. Indeed, some commercial practitioners would struggle to obtain work without their clients knowing what to expect (greetings card manufacturers, for instance, often give their artists pretty tight briefs*, in order to respond to current trends). But for me, the joy of applying paint to a support is the freedom of experimentation.

You will see here a selection of both finished images and work in progress. Rather than explain them in minute detail, most are left to your imagination in an attempt to provoke your thoughts. Feel free to comment Рsome will be made available  for sale, while others will remain as inspiration for the future. If enough people respond positively to the idea of purchasing quality signed prints, I will look into this Рthe first few enquirers will also receive an individual note, as a thank you for being in at the beginning.

This website has been designed and implemented by Jared Rigby of maketotaldesign.com and it has been a pleasure working with him. There are millions of websites around, but I am happy that Jared’s level headed approach, not to mention his patience, have produced a user friendly, informative site which will grow into an exciting adventure for all participants. His BSc (Hons) stands him in good stead and anyone in the market for a new website, or an update to an existing site could do worse than to have a chat with him. For me, getting back to the plot, art is an essential part of my life and I hope that this web presence conveys my passion for art and my interest in those associated with it.

Commercial break: This website is sponsored and as such, you will have to indulge me from time to time as the odd car rears its head. Buying and selling “special” cars has been my other passion for decades. As something comes along, I will keep you posted. Let’s face it, most people who paint also drive. Many of my regular car customers are artists or art appreciators, so if you are in need of transport, we do have a great deal in common.

Check out www.highlanegarage.co.uk and www.mursoncars.co.uk from time to time. Plug over! Oh, and by the way I could probably have worded *pretty tight briefs better, as I can think of nothing worse than painting in anything but old, comfortable clothing, but I’m sure you get my drift.