Guest Art 11

Whatever you read into this cat’s expression, this feline has a secret, which was entirely unintentional when its perpetrator, Lynn Daley drew him in charcoal, following a talk and practical workshop by multi media practitioner Bill Hague, who has had a fascination for charcoal spanning several decades.

Cats have a reputation for being cool and calculating, but Lynn had a surprise when someone stood the other side of her work table and saw the artwork in a whole new context. Artists the world over talk of their experiences of ‘happy accidents’ and this ‘two in one’ painting was a pure fluke. To find out what happens, simply turn your computer upside down or stand on your head. Amazing, huh? Tell us about your own happy accidents. I don’t mean the time you absentmindedly dipped your paintbrush into your cup of tea (or glass of wine). We’ve all done that one!