6 thoughts on “Painting 38

  1. Hi Peter
    Nice website! I like this painting it is very vibrant and colourful and very brave. So different from the kind of work that I do with my pet portraits.
    Bye for now

    • Hi Lynne. Thanks for your response to painting 38 – glad you like it (it was fun to do and I am pleased with the result). All the more interesting as I know your own work is so detailed and precise. It means a success for the site in terms of artists who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone and at least consider work they would not normally give a second glance. Keep watching and thanks again, Peter.

    • Hello Sue and thanks for your views. The painting was a lot of fun to do and I think it works, too. I want to keep doing original work and this amply demonstrates my experimental tendencies. Keep watching, as I think the site is starting to create a buzz. I’ve had some positive offline and verbal feedback, too, so there’s a tangible vibe going on. Best wishes, Peter.

  2. Dear Peter

    The colours and patterns in this painting are quite striking and the primary colours work well as they blend and swirl around each other. I see it as ‘music’ but it is all in the eye of the beholder.

    Best wishes, Glenys

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