2 thoughts on “Painting 44

  1. This piece is lush, very atmospheric. Your work reminds me of the great modern atmospheric seascapes of Philip Raskin or Julie Ann Scott.

    • Hello Claire and thanks for your posting. This is another painting which now lives in North Yorkshire. It measures 36″ x 36″ and is mainly acrylic on a box canvas. There are some hints of other materials going on in there, so it is a ‘mixed media’ piece and it lives over the fireplace in the owners’ lounge. It took a long time to complete and once or twice I reached the point where I felt stuck and didn’t know how to progress it, but perseverance paid off in the end and I love it. You are this site’s first international connection and I hope Thailand is a great experience for you both. Please send some pics of the Thai art which impresses you – as an accomplished artist yourself, I hope you will be inspired in your new surroundings and will share some of your work with us. Thanks again, Peter.

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