Painting 56

This is a box canvas, measuring 3’6″ wide by 18″ depth and is mainly acrylic, with just a hint of ink and oil paint to give it a little spice. As an abstract it works alright – different people have seen lots of things in it, which pleases me, but it was a month after it was finished that I realised it had another persona when viewed portrait instead of the landscape position it occupied on the wall.(See entry number 55). Turned around, it takes on a watery, reflective look, which although this was never the intention, gives the painting credibility either way and is just another example of a ‘happy accident’ which you hear about so much when talking to those who wield brushes. If you haven’t already seen it, there’s another example of this under ‘Guest Artists,’ with Lynn Daley’s cat becoming something entirely different when viewed the other way up.